Sunday, May 29, 2011

WOWN: The Baby Scrappy Shower

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It’s been a while since I’ve update you all on my WOWN adventures.  Well, we’ve all been busy, but we’ve found time to enjoy a few fun gatherings since our Valentine’s Day chocolate fountain love fest.

We had a face painting party…I mean a Mary Kay party.  Same diff.  We ended the night with a few rounds of Wii Just Dance.  Out of kindness (to myself) before and after pictures not included.

Nina (the N in WOWN!), hosted a pedicure party that was just what the doctor ordered.


Didn’t have a tripod, but thanks to Tammy, I was able to hop in for a quick pic too…

IMG_1224 copy

Nina (our cutie pa-tootie hair gal left of me) is prego with her second child (due this summer) and we decided to throw her a little shower (or sprinkle?).

Brunch theme.  I made a strata.


Mimosas with raspberries included.


Did I mention that I LOVE THESE GIRLS??  They were so helpful!  Everyone brought a dish AND they showed up to decorate my house to boot.

We ended the day with a mini photo session.

First the gals.


And some silliness…


Then some F-U-N while taking down the decorations…yes, I made the Martha poms poms again (see here).


Wonderful day.  Wonderful way to start a week.  The rain held off and Nina seemed like she was delighted with our little surprise.

Best Wishes to Nina, Scrappy (her hubs) & Big Sis “G”

…as the countdown to Baby Scrappy continues!

I’ll be sure to post the breakfast strata recipe ASAP!  That is, after I go with the WOWN group to see Bridesmaids today!

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