Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gardening 2011

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So what are we up to this year????

Well, I’m doing my Earthboxes again.  With the cooler rainy weather this year, we got a late start on our garden.  I didn’t get the tomatoes planted until May 30.

Here they are the day we planted them:IMG_3660

This year, I’ve planted two tomatoes that I’ve used in the past (Early Girl & Super Fantastic) and trying out two new varieties (Husky Cherry Red & Better Boy). They are all Bonnie plants that I got from Meijer and Home Depot.  I really wanted to plant the grape tomato we had last year (Sugary), but couldn’t find it anywhere.

In just three weeks, these plants have really taken off.  This was taken 6/20.IMG_4095

NOTE: Cherry and Early Girl in the left box,   Super Fantastic and Better Boy in the right box.

Earthbox sells replant kits that contain fertilizer, two plastic covers and dolomite lime.  Since I already had leftover plastic covers from last year and fertilizer, I decided to order dolomite lime through Amazon.  It was cheaper and I’ll have enough lime to replant next year as well.  And yes, the addition of dolomite to the potting soil makes a difference with tomatoes.


Usually I buy herbs as established plants, but this year I tried growing them from seed.


The basil was the only one that really thrived.  I have 11 basil, 3 cilantro and several oregano transplanted outside in bigger pots now.


Hoping to get enough basil to make loads and loads of pesto for the freezer this year.  It was wonderful for recipes throughout the winter.  Check out this tortellini soup or my chicken & pesto pasta…yum!

We’re also trying out peppers in pots this year. 


I found these self watering pots at Menards. Similar in concept to the Earthbox where the water comes from the bottom of the pot. 


We planted one jalapeno and one red bell.  Add some maters and cilantro…fiesta! 

In the floral department, we have petunias galore. 


I love them.  I love how they just burst with color for most of the summer and LOVE the full sun situation we have going on on most of our lot.

We even got a few surprise volunteer petunia plants that sprung  up in our planter boxes from last year.  Fun and frugal treat.


I also love this unusual variety I found at Home Depot…


At the end of last summer, we added some lattice to our front porch and planted a honeysuckle vine.


We had an early spring spider mite infestation that knocked out several of the first blooms.  Got rid of them and now its really perking up.


Even the buds are pretty…


And lastly, I’ve got my love of sweet potato vines on full display this year.


They are one of my favorite annuals because of their low maintenance and trailing ways.  I planted them in hanging baskets for our front porch this year in the same self watering pots as the peppers. 

Well, that’s about it.  I’m sure we’ll find a few more garden projects to take on in the coming months and I’ll be sure to share.  LOVE this time of year!

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  1. Wow your green things have really taken off. Mine are still limping along. I have my fingers crossed for a long warm autumn.

  2. I love your plants! They are inspiring...except I kill all my plants. ;)

    Do you have dogs in the yard with your garden? How do you keep them out of your plants?


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