Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday Lanham!

Pin It Ok, so it’s slightly belated, but life has been one big whirlwind lately and we were on vacation on his actual birthday.  We had a small celebration while in Missouri (more on that later) and came home to a GREAT party with all of his buddies.
Putt Putt, skee ball, laser tag and go carts.  What’s not to love??
B was completely impressed with these…
Whistle lips…Super Duper Fun…for the first minute or so.  Then they have a strange way of getting “lost”.
My mom came through for her boy again with a great Sox cake…
I can’t believe it!  Eight years?  EIGHT??  I found myself staring at him a lot while we were on vacation and it struck me that I have a real “big boy” on my hands…no longer a baby, no longer a toddler…not quite a tween, but we’re getting there. 
When we brought him home from the hospital he was the skinniest little thing…still is.  However, I swear the kid has a hollow leg the way he eats these days.  Where does it go?  If this is a foreshadowing of what’s to come, I might have to host a tel-a-thon to aid our grocery bill. 
And I also realized that I can have real conversations with him lately…not that Braden isn’t an excellent conversationalist.  Hee hee.  Lanham is able to get a little deeper these days and I’m loving it.  He’s always been a thinker…now we can clunk our heads together and chat away.  Although like most boys, the conversations always end up covering some sort of “potty humor”.  Boys.
At least he wasn’t “too cool” yet this year to be annoyed with the birthday crown.
Happy 8th Birthday to my little prince! 
Mwah!  And don’t wipe it off either.
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  1. Happy Birthday to your handsome little man, Sabby. The crown is perfect.


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