Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gardening Update: The maters are coming!

Pin It Well, the Earthboxing is going REALLY well this year, despite the later than normal planting.  Here are my beloved tomatoes in all their glory at 7.5 weeks post-planting:
We have LOTS of tomatoes on all four plants.
The cherry tomatoes look like grape clusters.
Unfortunately, the dreaded blossom end rot fairy paid us a visit again this year.
BOO.  Hiss.
It even got our first ripened mater. 
Sad, I know.  Luckily, this “present” seems to only hit the first few tomatoes and goes away.  Crossing fingers.
We also had a nasty wind storm that did this to our tree…
Darn Bradford Pear trees.  They are pretty….pretty USELESS!  Developers that plant them should be ashamed.  They have a life expectancy of a goldfish and crash-n-burn in an ugly way.  The city came to take most of it away.  Now, we’re left with half a tree that looks as though it could topple over at any moment.
During that same windstorm, the hubs and I woke up and rushed to check the tomato plants.  For fear of losing them, we drug them into the house.
Yep, there they were.  In my kitchen.  A little damage, but obviously they survived. 
Pictures are a bit blurry, but I had tomatoes in my kitchen.  You understand, right?
Our peppers are also going crazy.  Our first go at bell peppers and it looks like we’re going to have plenty from one plant.
And new little peppers already coming on…
Happy jalapenos too!
So, our yard is a little (LOT) brown from the lack of rain, but at least we have loads of GREEN in our pots.  Hoping for a little red soon!
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  1. Sound like we're neighbors... smashed up tress, brown lawns and plenty of produce!!!

  2. Hiii!!!! I'm jealous that you've got the whole garden thing going on. I live in a townhome, so only have a small patch for flowers. Alas, it was great meeting you this weekend! Sorry to hear about your tree, :( The past few weeks haven't been kind to trees in our 'hood either.


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