Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Homemade Foam Soap Dispenser

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Foam Soap…what a great invention, huh?  It has taken away my need to remind the boys to “scrub scrub scrub” when I ask them to wash their hands.  I love how the foam easily gets all over their nasty little paws each time.  For some reason, regular ol’ liquid soap mostly ends up on my counter instead of washing away their germs.

When one of my foam soaps ran out, I did a little web search to find out that foam soap is just watered down liquid soap.  HUH?  So why do they charge more for something that costs LESS to make???  Errrrrrrrrr.  Luckily, there are numerous homemade recipes for foam soap out there.

So, once I decided to make the foam soap myself, I was delighted to see this post on making a cute dispenser as well.   I had to try it out.

First, I needed an empty foam soap dispenser and Ball canning jar.


The directions on Joy Is A Home were really easy to follow and I basically followed her steps.  Be careful cutting the metal lid…SHARP!!!

For the foam soap, I used one of my new favorite liquid hand soaps, Mrs. Meyers in Basil scent.  You wouldn’t think basil would be a great hand soap, but believe me…it’s FAB! 


Now I can stretch this lovely hand soap a little more by making it into foam soap.

Homemade Foam Soap

Pour two tablespoons of liquid hand soap into an empty foaming soap dispenser (homemade or store bought!). Slowly fill the rest of the dispenser with warm water, leaving a small space at the top.  Screw on the lid and invert GENTLY avoiding too many bubbles.  Enjoy!

My new soap dispenser in it’s happy home…


I think these might make great gal pal gifts too.  And if said gal pals are reading this, just ignore that and act surprised. M’kay?

WOW!  My first DIY project in a long while…are any of you still with me?  I’m just enjoying life and summer way too much these days and hope you are all doing the same.

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