Monday, August 1, 2011

Rockin’ Around the Car…with my little guido

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As previously mentioned, I LOVE the randomness that is the ipod shuffle.  Hit the shuffle and sometimes the mix is just brilliant…and funny.

Today wasn’t as random because B boy and I got into the car with D’s still set on his “oldies” mix…a mix title that I kind of want to veto….more on that later.

First up, one of my faves…Elvis.

Then this little diddy…

…one my favorite scenes in Dirty Dancing. "I carried a watermelon?"

Then the “veto”.  Since when is Billy Joel an oldie??  And if it is an oldie, then am I an oldie? 

In Derek’s defense, the mix is titled “oldies/memories”.  However, aren’t memories old?  Therefore, we’re back at some of my mid-childhood music being in the oldies category.  Got that?  GREAT performance of this btw.

And lastly, we heard from good ol’ Dino. 

One of D’s favorite artists and obviously he’s played it for the boys a little too much.  B asked me to TURN IT UP!

I did.  Then we moved on to a few other songs and he screamed, “Go Back!  I want to hear that one again!”  I did…and he did a little happy dance to the tune. 

Not heard on the mix today, but also a favorite of the boys…

Oh geesh.  Brainwashed.  Completely brainwashed.  How long before they request “ol’ blue eyes”?

Although, I did condone this one to be played at our wedding…

So, maybe I'm at fault too.

Viva Italia.  And ipod shuffles.

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