Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Tomatoes Have Landed

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I got a few messages from disturbed readers about my “puke-tale” yesterday.  Heck, even my neighbor said my fake slime mold puke made her almost puke.

So, I’ve decided to get back to my regular ol’ pretty picture self and share the fruits of our garden so far.

The first ripened tomato of the year…


The Early Girl plant has been producing like crazy.  We’ve eaten quite a few, but many have fallen to Blossom End Rot (BER ).  Anyone else dealing with BER that wants to send some pointers my way?? 

I decided to take some size comparison photos this year for my gardening journal.  It makes it easier to decide what to plant next year.

The Early Girl again…

IMG_4954 early girlThe Husky Cherry plant has also been really prolific.  The fruit is sweet and juicy, perfect for salads and snacking.

IMG_4957 huskycherry

The Better Boy plant has given us one giant tomato almost each day for a week now.  We made salsa with a few of these the other night…DELISH!


We’re still waiting on the Super Fantastic to ripen.  A few of the fruits have fallen to BER like the Early Girl.

A new crimp in my gardening style has been a new unknown critter making these little nibble marks…


It hasn’t spared the bell peppers either…


At first, I thought we had worms of some sort.  Then I found little droppings around the plants.  I’ll spare you that picture.  Any thoughts on what could be doing this?  Too small for a bunny.  We don’t have many large trees in the burbs, so there aren’t any squirrels.  Mice?  Do mice eat veggies?  We do have fields nearby. 

I’m at a loss on this one.  HELP!!!  If its not one thing, its another with the summer garden.  Highs and lows.  I’ll try to think of the highs while eating my salsa tonight.  Smashing any fears that some nocturnal veggie lovin’ mice are right outside my door eating my summer harvest.  

Better than puking cats in the front yard, I suppose.

Hello lover…


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  1. Such lovely pictures and delicious looking 'maters. I refuse to think about what is nibbling them as that might mean that such things could be close to my house and nibbling...SO I think pumpkin fairy bugs are the correct answer:)


  2. We had the same thing with our tomatoes. It ended up being a gigantic caterpillar!


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