Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kiddo Chatter: Deep thoughts with Lanham

Pin It Lanham is a deep thinker.  It comes from out of no where and I kind of think he’s a little genius waiting to explode into his own.  Until then, he provides me with occasional nuggets of how his brain works and I have to share them here or I’ll kill myself later trying to remember them all.

IMG_2215 bw

This first conversation occurred last spring when he was just a measly (ha!) 2nd grader. 
Lanham: “So everyone that goes to college is a “servicer, right mom?"
Me: “Huh?”
Lanham: “Well, Mamaw (my mom) is a servicer.”
Me: “What in the world are you talking about?”
Lanham: “She services people.  That’s her job.”
Me: “She is?  Honey, I don’t think that Mamaw would like that title.” <snicker, snicker, I couldn’t help myself>
Lanham: “Where did she go to college?”
Me: “Mamaw has a clerical job, but she didn’t go to college.”
Lanham: “WHAT?!?  She didn’t go to college?  Then how does she even have a job, mommy!!!!”
As if that was the strangest, most absurd idea EVER.  A person without college = no job???
Wow…times have changed.  And we had a LONG talk about all the different kinds of work there is in the world.  From doctors to truckers…we all have a place in the workings of things.  He still looked at me like I didn’t have a clue…although that’s quite common on a lot of things these days.  I guess I should be proud that he has aspirations, even at such a young age, to further his education.  For some reason, it just bugged me that he didn’t think there were any other options for anyone.  Or maybe I’m the foolish one for thinking this isn’t truly the case.  Thoughts?


This second conversation happened during this past fall baseball season and I immediately shared it on Facebook.  However, since I’m lame and don’t link my FB with my blog, I had to post about it here.  I may be repeating myself for some of you…sorry.

So, while driving to baseball practice, Jessie’s Girl was playing on the radio and I, of course, was belting it out with Mr. Springfield.
Me: This was popular when I was about your age, maybe younger.
Lanham: Does this guy still sing?
Me: It's Rick Springfield...I'm not sure????
Lanham: Well, he probably doesn't sing anymore because he's probably DEAD. Geesh...that was a long time ago...yep...probably dead.
Me: WAH???
Lanham: I bet if he's still around he has a big beard. Yep. Old guys love their beards. Papa has a mustache.
How we got from Jessie’s Girl to facial hair, I don’t know.  But I promise you, this kid is a genius.  I mean, what kind of brain flow chart geos like this:

My homemade Mr. Einstein’s does, that’s who.  Love you Lanham…and that noodle of yours.

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