Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kid Chatter: Fall, moles and Big Boy schools

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Braden:  “Mommy, when will the snow come?”

Me: “Do you see how all the leaves are turning color and some of them are falling on the ground?  Well, when all the leaves fall off, then the snow will come.”

I find him later, plucky leaves off all of the trees.

Me:  “B, what are you doing honey?  The neighbors probably won’t like you doing that.”

Braden:  “I’m getting all the leaves off the tree so that we can have snow.”

Smart kid.


Then he had a near panic attack the other day when I was taking his temperature.  I noticed he had a brown dot under his arm and thought it was a piece of fuzz.

Me:  “Oh…that’s not fuzz.  You have a mole under your arm.”

Braden:  “Whaaaaa???  Is it bad?  Will it hurt?  Oh NO!  Not a MOLE!”

I tried to reassure that we all get them.  I showed him some of mine.  Didn’t help.

Braden:  “I got a mole!!!  It hurts so bad.  I have to show daddy.  Ouch!”


Lanham mostly relishes the fact that he’s the older brother.  He’s gets to attend the “BIG” school and even the fact that he gets to pack a lunch each day is something to brag about.  Braden watches in envy.  However, Lanham doesn’t always see the green grass of grade school.  Nope.  Here’s what his response to “Get dressed for school.” has been lately.

Lanham:  “Ugh.  Again?  I have to go to school every day.  And every day is like a weekend for Braden.  He’s so lucky.”

What he doesn’t realize is that Braden totally wants to be in that big boy school each and every day with him.  Rather than going on crazy bargain hunting shopping trips with mama. 

Love my kids.  Love their chatter. 

And I put the best snippets here so that I never forget one little tidbit of it.

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