Friday, November 11, 2011

Heirloom White Love: Candle Holder & GW Lamp Update

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Heirloom White spray paint from Rustoleum has some sort of mysterious magical properties.  It can turn Goodwill junk into decorating gold…er..white.  Off white actually.

Remember my question to you all about candle holder dilemma


Five or three or four???  Well, I left the four candles for quite a while.  Then I found these at GW a while back…


Then waited a little longer because this whole life thing kept creeping up on me.  I finally got around to busting out my Heirloom White on these guys and here’s what I have now.


Yep, FIVE! 


Phew.  Doesn’t that make the world seem a little more in order.  I mean really.  Who has FOUR candle holders?  That’s so unbalanced in the world of decorating.  Although in the world of math, four is probably better than five, but that’s the nerdy me creepin’ out a bit.

I do have to note that the above picture has one lopsided candle that makes me cringe.  Just sayin’.

Moving on…

So, while I was spraying away, I also made a BIG improvement to this little lamp I found, also at GW.


Don’t laugh.  I saw its potential and jumped at it…not that anyone else was looking for a possible bed bug infested Lion Kingish stuffed animal adorned lamp or anything.

How could I go wrong with a $4 price tag?  I couldn’t even get a lamp shade for that price.  And the size was perfect Lanham’s desk.  I can therefore work with pastel lions.

First, I had to remove Simba from his perch.  Or is that Nala?  Either way, I took a pair of pliers to the poor thing and ripped it off.


Kind of felt like the defacing of baby Jesus from a few DIY episodes back.  As you can see, the lion removal left me with a pencil eraser size whole, but I’ll deal with that later.

A few coats of Heirloom White and now I have this…


Despite the messy cords (this is a pre-teen boys room after all), I really like how it turned out.  I left the hole of Simba for now, but then came across another issue.

During the day we have this…


However, once its turned on, we have this…


Fail?  Not sure what to do here.  I’m pretty sure Lanham’s not going to dig have a Lion King shadow box on his desk in his big kid room.

Ideas and suggestions welcome.  Please!!!  I spray painted the shade because the images were printed on the outside.  Guess that wasn’t good enough.  I could try to cover it in fabric?  Never ventured there before, but I’ll do anything to prevent buying a shade that will cost more than this entire lamp. 

Until then, Mr. Big Boy will have to deal with the Circle of Life.  Just don’t turn it on when your friends are over honey.

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  1. Totally forgot about that baby Jesus thing. Maybe the Lion King haunts at night for a reason... hmmm?

  2. Tried Painting the Inside??? Maybe?

  3. I flippied my lid when I saw this. i had the exact lamp in my daughters nursery for years and I just overhauled it to match her new decor. She is almost 7 now so this lamp was way not cool enough! We just got done doing her room with bright colors and lots of frills. It wont let me insert a picture in a comment but I will email it to ya or something! Love it. I was also very happy to see your thread because i got too excited and didnt take a before picture LOL


I love your comments! They make my week!

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