Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mom’s Frame Redo

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My mom offered this adorable frame on a visit home this summer…


Ok.  It’s not adorable at all.  To me, the little girl is creepy.   As is the country blue color scheme circa 1985.


Complete with dusty ribbon and doily trim to boot!


Mom didn’t seem to mind my idea of giving this piece of “art” a complete makeover, so I went to work on it.  First, I dismantled the entire thing.  Next, I went straight to my trusty can of Heirloom White.


Then, I ordered an 11x14 print of a picture I took of my boys last year. 


Yes, I’m a little obsessed with walking away shots.  Its one of the few ways to get a natural look with my kiddos. 

The frame wasn’t a standard size (14x18), so I bought a 16x20 mat from Michaels with an 11x14 picture opening.  I had to cut an inch off each side of the mat which is cheaper to do than ordering a custom mat.  I put the whole thing back together after giving the glass a good cleaning and had this…


As usual, its hard to get a good picture of a picture.


I took it back home this past weekend to share with my mom.


She LOVES the result as much as I do.


All together, I spent around $7 for the entire project.  I purchase most of my prints through Adoramapix.  Check them out.  They are a great professional lab and their prices are very reasonable. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. I love the walking away shots too - I have at least half a dozen of my girls (mostly with their daddy) over the past 20 years and they are priceless!


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