Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Down Home – Fall Harvest

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My love for the wide open spaces of my childhood runs deep.  It’s a place where I can let my hair down and my camera go wild.


There is always something beautiful to shoot.  Something that I need to capture with my camera to remind me of where I came from. 


Luckily I have a very understanding husband.  He knows that his country mouse turned city mouse wife needs to go home, get dirty and relax now and again.  I love you, Derek.  Thanks for getting me. 

A few months ago, I headed back home for a night to hang out with my family and hopefully get some shots of corn country during harvest.  The weather wasn’t working so well for me this time.  No blue skies.  Mostly overcast. 

However, I had a blast four wheeling with one of my lifelong hometown buddies and petting this ol’ gal…


Buckcephus.  Or Buck.  Poor girl got named by boys.   

We visited a farmer friend that I used to bring treats to back in the day during harvest.


Of course, he got out of his tractor and said, “Where’s my brownies, girrrrrl?”  Home.  Things never change.


That’s the coal mine in the background.

Off we went to this cool old bridge hidden amongst the corn.  It crosses over a stream that people from home call it the lake ditch.


Not going to lie…I was FREAKING out about walking over this thing.  Obviously, IDOT hadn’t been out for inspections in quite a while.  Trees were literally growing in the boards.  I faced my fears, and tried to snap away at this awesomely rusty piece of history…while sitting in poison ivy.

All the while being laughed at by my supposed friend from home.  Apparently, I’ve gotten “soft” living up north.  Or so he says.

The view below was pretty cool too.  The water level was so low from the summer drought that you could see this huge catfish hanging out.


Not the greatest pictures of the fish, but we were pretty high up remember.

I barely snapped this last one before sundown. 


It was a cold ride back, but so worth it.  Just what this stay at home mommy needed to re-charge the batteries.  Call me crazy, but this is my “fun time”.  Well, this helps a little…


The end.

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  1. Are you ready to sell pictures!? Cause I'm ready to buy one! The bridge photo is amazing....love, love, love it. It would be perfect in our bedroom with our barnwood headboard!


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