Friday, January 20, 2012

Let It Snow: The commuter edition

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So here I sit here on the train contemplating how bad the drive home from the station is going to be tonight for Rambo and me. Rambo is my commuter buddy that's taught me the ins and outs of Chicago train commuting.  He is a Metra veteran, a knower of things.  Things that I never knew exsisted.  This whole commuter subculture.

Anywho, Rambo and I face our second snow storm commute this evening.  It's a fun one.  I decided to blab a bit on the blog and try out my new blogging app, Blogsy.  More on that soon.

I  snapped a few pics with my iPad from the lovely view from the train car...



Hope this evening finds you warm at home...and NOT fighting the fight of the snowy suburbia commute.

Happy Friday to all!

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  1. I have taken the Rock Island line for many years. You made me chuckle with the commuter sub-culture. So true, especially on Metra. Took hubby 4.5 hours to drive home last Friday so I will take our train any day over that :)


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