Sunday, February 19, 2012

Days Of Our Lives: Preschool Edition

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Maddie and Braden have been friends before either of them took their first breath.  Well, at least Katie and I called them bump buddies.  We’ve watched them grow up from babies to toddlers and now to little boy and little girl. 

This school year has been particularly interesting, because Maddie and Braden randomly got put into the same classroom at their preschool.  What are the odds?  This is a BIG preschool.  Anyway, the class is a little heavy on the boy side as far as boy to girl ratios go.  Braden seems to be enjoying meeting new little boy buddies, but says that he still plays with Maddie… a little.  Poor Maddie.  She’s so stinkin’ cute I could die…


See??? Simply adorable.

I’ve reminded Braden to be nice to Maddie and he said “she follows me around when I’m playing with Ma’ boys”.  MY BOYS?  Geesshhhh!  High school drama already?  According to Neighbor Katie (Maddie’s mom), Maddie has said, “I just like the boys in the class better, Mama.”  Uh-oh. 

As if that wasn’t enough mini-preschool drama, Katie e-mailed me tonight with this little story…

Katie was watching another neighborhood boy from our WOWN group, Declan yesterday.  Maddie and Declan were playing dress up in their basement and Maddie asked Declan if he would marry her a few times.  At one point he said no.

Poor little Maddie got on her little indoor bike and road away.

Maddie:  “I am riding to Braden’s house now to see if he will marry me…” 

After a short (fake) trip to my/Braden’s house…

Maddie:  “Braden said no too.”.   

The persistent little cutie pie then said she was off to ask her friend Josh from tumbling class.  She returned with a smile this time.

Maddie:  “Good news.  Josh said YES!” 

Josh, you’re a lucky guy.


Love you Madeline.

Braden is a fool. 

Join us next time…I’m sure there will be many fun stories to come with these two.

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