Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One Last Summer Getaway - Our Family’s Trip to Adler Planetarium

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As most of you know, we are way out in the Chicago burbs, but me and the hubs are really into getting the kids to the city as much as possible.  I grew up about 3 hours south of Chicago and didn’t visit it very often back then.  We live close enough that there is no excuse to not have them see all that our great city has to offer.  And they love it!

So, when Adler Planetarium contacted me about an opportunity to visit them one weekend, I jumped at the chance!  My husband had visited the planetarium years ago in school, but this was a first visit for me and the kiddos.


We were all so excited to get away for a night after finishing our first full week of school.  Upon checking into the beautiful Swissotel, the kids ran to the window to check out the spectacular view of Lake Michigan and Navy Pier.


Even though we go downtown pretty often, we rarely stay overnight.  This was a treat for all of us and the novelty of it wasn’t lost on the boys.


After eating a lovely complimentary snack in our room, we headed out for dinner.  The walk to Lou Malnati’s worked up quite an appetite in all of us.


We’re usually thin crust pizza people, so digging into the giant deep dish slices at Lou’s was a yummy break from the norm.  The look on the boys’ faces when the giant deep dish arrived was priceless!


The next morning we got up and enjoyed some fun time at Swissotel’s pool. 


That’s a mosaic tile behind Lanham, btw.  The pool is on the 42nd floor and has almost 360 degree views of the city.  Just gorgeous!  I loved the work out area too.  Unfortunately I forgot my workout gear and I think I could have used a little burn after all that pizza the night before.  Oh well.  Relax Sabrina.  RELAX!

Next stop, Adler Planetarium


I’ve said this before, but I love Chicago!  The museum campus in itself is gorgeous.  The magnificent old buildings and classic architecture set right up next to the lake.  Beautiful!

Adler Planetarium has both interactive exhibits and shows  to enjoy .  We first picked out our show times and headed into the exhibits.   Most of the shows are 20 minutes each, so you can stagger them throughout the day and visit the planetariums many exhibits in between. 

And there is SO many things to see. 

We checked out the “Our Solar System” exhibit first.


I loved how all the planets were hanging up this huge atrium overlooking the lake. 


We ate lunch at Adler’s Café Galileo’s. I was really impressed by the variety of their menu.  Not your typical burgers and fries.  There were wraps, salads and of course great options for kids.  After lunch, we went to see our first show, “Welcome to the Unviverse”. 


The show really made me feel very VERY tiny and the vastness of our universe is kind of mind boggling.  Lanham loved how it made feel like we were flying through space! 

We explored some more and went to our second show, “Deep Space Adventure, The Searcher”.  The show takes you through deep space with another intelligent being as your guide. 

I think the kids enjoyed the Planet Explorers area of Adler the most.


It seemed to go on forever! A very interactive learning/play zone for kids of all ages.


There is a rocket ship where the boys could pretend to be astronauts and that totally got into working on their “mission”.  Big BIG fans!  We had to pull them away to make it to our last show, “3D Sun”. 


There were so many things to check out at that we couldn’t possibly see it all in one day, so we will definitely be going back! 

To end the day, we took a boat tour ride, courtesy of Shoreline Sightseeing, from the museum campus to Navy Pier. 


The boat tour gave me a chance to take some great shots of the city skyline. 


It was a pretty hot day in Chicago, so the boat ride on Lake Michigan was a nice place to cool off.


This trip was truly a fun packed quick getaway for the family and we loved every minute!  A huge thanks to Adler Planetarium for making this weekend a really special treat.  You can get more info on the planetarium at their website or check out their Facebook page.  We also want to thank the Swissotel, Lou Malnati’s and Shoreline Sightseeing for their generous contributions to our family night away.  We enjoyed it all so much!


Check out addition pictures of our fabulous weekend!

Disclosure: I received this visit in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own and no other monetary compensation was received.

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