Monday, August 13, 2012

Project Overload – My Return To DIYing

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So I’ve been back in the stay-at-home mom world for a little over a month now and we’re loving every minute of it.  Being with the kids is great and I love the all around togetherness that has returned to our home. 


Of course, it wouldn’t be me being me if I also hadn’t dove headfirst into a long list of house projects.  Pulling myself in several different directions isn’t the best method of task mastering, but it’s the method I’ve used this go ‘round.  Therefore, I don’t have one totally completely project to share.  Just a lot of different projects in various states of un-doneness. 

Let’s see…where to start.

Oh…I demanded, yes, demanded that our garage finally become a organized and working space.  We’re almost 100% on that one, but here’s a little sneak peak of what we’ve worked on.


Where there was only sad studs we now have WALLS!   A huge step up.  And where there are walls…


Organization people.  Makes my heart soar!

Then our neighbors moved to Hawaii.  Yep.  Hawaii!  And I scored was this awesome old trunk from their garbage.


Win!  Although, I’d take Hawaii.

Inside the trunk, was this lamp…


I’m taking it apart, painting it and putting it back together.  Someday.

Derek was then thrilled when I made him go back to the pile of neighbor garbage for two of these gems…


No, not the lawn mower.  Not the scooter.  The pallet!  Don’t laugh.  There are some awesome projects out there using pallets. Just wait.  Ok.  Don’t wait.  It could be awhile. 

As if my list wasn’t full enough, I decided to redo Lanham’s big boy room.  He’s had baby blue walls for 6 years and needed a change.  Doing some artwork using my own photography similar to this…


…with some fun editing.

And I’m installing a new closet organizer for him, among other things.


Of course now, B-boy wants me to rid his room of the “scary monkeys” now too.  Ugh. 

Oh and did  mention that school starts soon?  Like in three days soon!  B-boy is heading to kindergarten.  ACK! 

See???  Spread myself WAY too thin.  Just me being me.  All scatter brained and wanting it all done.  Yesterday.  Hoping to have more completed versions of the above projects to share with you all soon.

Until then, wish me luck with getting the kiddos off to school this week.  The tears.  They are coming.  Good luck to you all too during this busy busy back to school season!

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