Friday, September 21, 2012

Back to Bread Making – Challah Recipe

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We’ve had a little cold snap here, a sure sign that fall officially starts tomorrow.  So, I’m embracing this crisp fall weather and making my Italian Tortellini Soup tonight.  And what goes better with soup than homemade bread?


I wanted to try something new and saw this lovely challah recipe over at one of my favorite blogs, Dinner A Love Story.  Jenny used her cousins recipe that seems to be a proven winner and I had to give it a try.  

Challah is basically a beautiful braided yeast bread that has a slightly sweet taste and contains eggs.  Now, I didn’t do the traditional elaborate double braid seen in the original recipe.  Shoot…I have trouble making a normal looking regular braided loaf (see the sad bump in this current loaf below).  I blame it on having boys.  And the fact that I don’t braid my own hair either.  And my mom didn’t braid my hair much (sorry mom, but true).  We’re a long line of non-braiders.

I digress.


Bread.  Beautiful, shiny challah bread.  On the menu tonight at our house.  I was delighted at how easy it was to put together. 

Here it is right before baking…


And the resulting yumminess…


Don’t mind her bump…it all tastes the same.

I think I’m becoming more confortable with yeast breads.  They don’t scare me.  Nope. 

Oh and I followed the directions and let all the kneading happen in the mixer.  Worked out perfect.  Love that!  Hate kneading.  Evidence?  Here and Here.  I also cut the recipe in half, which makes one nice loaf. 


Jewish bread with Italian soup? Sure, why not!  I’m only a few days past Rosh Hashanah.  Thanks to Jenny at DALS for introducing me to a home run once again!

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  1. There is only a fine line between Jewish and Italian.


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