Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pinterest FAIL! Homemade Gel Freshener

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Disclosure of both the good, the bad and the ugly is something I enjoy seeing in blogland.  So, I’m here today to share my most current Pinterest FAIL! 

We have two stinky boys in our house.  I mean seriously…what IS it with boys?  And mine are still little boys…is this going to get worse?  ugh. 

To fight the stinky fight, I’m a big fan of the store bought smelly things that don’t require electricity.  Why no plugin's?  Well, once the boys turned one of my Glade oil diffusers upside down and the oil leaked all over the floor.  Not pretty.  Pretty smelling, but not pretty to look at or clean up. Especially since the oil was Harvest Apple…which is RED!

Those smelly dodads add up.  So, homemade gel freshener? Why not!  Sounded like a great idea to me.

Here’s the original Pin…

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest


It sounded simple enough.  I followed the directions and putting it all together went really well.  Until I took a peek inside of one of the jars this week…



I checked the rest of the jars and they all had mold. It didn’t help that the food coloring I chose was a bright great either.


This all happened in less than two weeks time and since there is a significant amount of mold, I assume the molds been in them for at least a week.  Yuck!

Supposedly the addition of salt will keep mold at bay, but I added salt and STILL got this science project.  I know some recipes called for alcohol and maybe that would help.  Until then, Glad and Febreeze will be getting some moo-lah from us for the time being.

Any suggestions on this one?  Any unwanted science experiments in your home?

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  1. Sabrina, Just want you to know that I made "air fresheners" twice last year - once with salt and once with alcohol - mold both times. So, you didn't do anything wrong !



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