Friday, October 26, 2012

Loving Fall :: Our New Tree

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We had one heck of a wind storm in July 2011.  It wiped out so many trees on our street, including the one right in front of our house.


It was a Bradford Pear tree.  If you don’t know about them, they are cute little fat trees that are commonly planted in newer neighborhoods.  They grow fast and dense.  The problem starts when they get a too top heavy from lack of pruning.  Unfortunately, these trees are often planted on the “city side” of the street and therefore pruning isn’t really a priority.  One major storm and down they go. 

I only knew about them because my parents had one our my childhood home.  It had a short thick trunk and a beautifully (top heavy) top.  Then we had an ice storm which added more weight to it.  Oh, I also forgot to mention that these trees sometimes fail to shed their leaves completely in the fall, so the ice just clings to it!  So, the ice, plus the wind and that tree came right through the dinning room picture window.  Scary!!

So when we moved into our house I knew that our lush and quickly growing Bradford tree’s days were numbered.  And then last summer, my fears came true.


Crazy gusty wind storm with nothing to slow it down but a sea of suburbia Bradford Pear trees.  Several other Bradford trees were lost in this storm. In fact, this landed right in front of our driveway from another neighbors tree…


The worst thing about it was that again, the tree was on the “city side”.  You basically have to beg the city to come and take it down.  This was JULY 2011!  You would have thought they could squeeze us in before winter.  They did come around and remove the broken part.  However, we were left with half a tree smack dab in front of our house for the entire winter.  It was kind of like Two-Face.  One side looked normal…the other was completely gone.  Wish I had a picture, but it wasn’t exactly a proud homeowner moment.

Finally this spring, the city came and took the sad thing down.  We were hoping to plant a tree right away.  Unfortunately it took them several more months to remove the stump!  Grrrrr.

Well, fall is a beautiful time to plant trees too and after the awful drought we had this summer, it was probably for the best anyway.

So here’s our little tree, showing off its fall color.


It is an ‘October Glory’ maple and I’m in love!  Even though its still kind of pint sized, the color show is so gorgeous!


We picked it for several reason.  Obviously, the tree has glorious fall color.  My mom has one in her yard and its just breathtaking.  Secondly, this variety has medium to fast growth, so we might actually get some shade out of it in our lifetime.  Smile 


I also love the idea that we’ve kind of made our mark on this street forever.  My parent planted several trees at my childhood home and its fun to go back and see how huge they are now. 

One last shot for fun…


Happy fall everyone!

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  1. I Bradford Pear trees but since they grow so fast their wood is so tender they break in the wind so easy. But loving the color of the new tree.


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