Monday, October 1, 2012

L’s Room: “I’m not a baby anymore” Updates and Mod Podge Image Transfer

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Lanham’s room was one of the very first rooms we painted when we bought our house.  It was dark DARK blue on two walls and it felt like a cave when we first saw it.  We painted it a pale blue.  A blue that I thought at the time was a “mature” blue, not baby blue.  Turns out that over time, it looked more baby boy blue than I thought. 

Here’s a picture of what it used to look like when we painted it 6+ years ago.


The childish (according to Lanham) factor paired with wear and tear over time, meant a repainting job was due for his room.  While I was at it, I talked to Lanham about his current baseball theme.  He still wanted to keep the baseball room, but we both agreed that it needed to be “tweened” up a bit.

The “I’m not a baby anymore” Plan:

  • Paint – updated color that he/we can live with through the tween/teen years 
  • Shelving – a place to put all of his favorite trophies and trinkets
  • Artwork and Team Pennants – update the artwork and add his favorite team pennants to the walls
  • New Blinds – his room is the last room to get new blinds

Obviously we started with the paint choice, but I’ll get to that later when I reveal the entire room.  For now, I’d like to share how I reworked some of his “baby” baseball art into “cooler” big kid art.

We had these two canvas pieces from his original room.


They’re very cute and I thought about donating them.  However, they were in such great shape I thought I should try to reuse the canvases to save a few bucks.  New blank canvases alone aren’t cheap.

After spray painting both of the canvases, I decided the best plan would be to try out my photo transfer technique that I used before with portraits I took of the boys.  I was actually excited to try the transfer technique again and wanted to answer some questions for my readers.  It seems that some of you have had trouble using my transfer method, so I wanted to be sure that it actually still worked for me too.

Here’s one of the images just before I applied the Mod Podge…


A few differences this this time around…

1)  Before, I had only used black and white images, so I was a little nervous about the red dot in the above image.  Crossed fingers, hoped for the best.

2)  Any part of paper that you use in the transfer process will attach to the canvas, even if there aren’t any images in certain spots. There will be dried Mod Podge in the spaces that are white on your print out. I trimmed my images pretty tight this time.

3) My images contained words and logos this time, so I printed my images in reverse.  This will allow them to transfer in the correct way.   

After applying the Mod Podge and placing my images, I let the canvases sit overnight just like I did in the past.

The next day, I began the tedious rubbing process.  When I sprayed the images with water, there was a pink tint and I got a little worried.


However, once I started rubbing off the paper, the images were the nice dark black that I wanted.  Woo hoo!


I added a few accents to each canvas using craft paint, bases on one and a red stripe on the other.


There is still a ghost-like appearance to the transferred images, but that’s normal and I kind of like the old worn look that it brings to the artwork.


Here’s the second smaller canvas…


The red dot didn’t really cause any trouble during the transfer process.  When I tried to remove the excess Mod Podge and air bubbles, some of the Mod Podge that seeped out was a slight pinky color.  That didn’t effect the resulting image transfer though, minus a small amount of bleeding.  To make the dot pop, I used some of the same red paint from the stripe.


Lanham LOVES the new White Sox artwork and it looks great in his new big kid tween room.  Can’t wait to share the rest of our room updates soon!

Oh and I have to say that I was happy to have this process work out for my the second time around.  Please please PLEASE email me with any questions or concerns that you’re having with this process.  I’d love to help!

Check out my complete Mod Podge Image Transfer Tutorial for step by step instructions!

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