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L’s Room :: The Closet Makeover

Pin It Lanham’s room had the typical builder grade white flimsy metal closet system.  It’s been somewhat functional over the years, but since we were redecorating most of his room, why not tackle the closet?

Here’s what we started with…

A few years ago, I decided I wanted the kids to help me with laundry, especially my oldest.  In order for him to help he had to be able to reach stuff.   That’s when I installed the hanging double closet rod.  It’s similar to this one on Amazon.  Again, it served its purpose over the years, but it was kind of wobbly since it hangs from the upper rail.  


On the other side, I installed a hanging canvas cubby (similar to this one) in both of my boys’ closets.  It makes it easy for them to put away folded items.  I just put the out of season up high and the current season stuff down low.  Same the with above double bar system. 


This all worked fairly well for the past 3 or so years.  I just hated the sloppy factor of it all.  The canvas cubby got especially sloppy and the kids would just shove the folded items in to the lower slots.  Shirts would be lost for the season. 

The hanging side worked better, but there wasn’t enough hanging space for all of Lanham’s clothes.  I also wanted larger shelves for heavy folded jeans.  His jeans were getting too big and heavy for his dresser and they wouldn’t fit in the drawer anymore.  I knew we needed to make a change that would let the closet grow with him through his teen years.

The project…

We removed the entire builder grade system and we were left with a lot of holes to patch.


BIG Thanks to my hubby for helping me out with this one!  The huge holes were pretty much the same kind that I was left with when I redid the laundry room.  Massive holes from the anchors.  ugh. 

After TONS of closet research, I decided on the Rubbermaid Configurations 3-to-6-Foot Classic Custom Closet Kit.  It has awesome reviews on Amazon and a lot of reviewers posted some nice photos as well.  Deciding on which kit to purchase in this line was time consuming, but if you scroll down on the Amazon kit link above, there is a great information section on all the Rubbermaid kits. 

The only difference between the Classic and Deluxe kits is 3 shelves vs. 6 shelves.  I did want the extra shelving space, but I found that for $20 I could get an additional two shelves with the 26-Inch Add-On Shelving Kit.   So, the Classic kit plus the Shelving kit comes to $90 and that gives me 5 shelves.  Compared to the Deluxe kit for $130 with 6 shelves.  That’s $40 for one extra  a shelf?  Makes NO sense. 

Anyway, here’s the kit…


And they also suggest configurations based on your closet width on the back…


This was SERIOUSLY a snap to install.  A little leveling and a little tinkering with where we wanted hanging items and shelving was all it took.  Sorry, no photos because we did most of the install at night and just wanted to get it done. 

Basically, it’s a hanging rail system across the top with vertical bars hanging down from that.  The shelving is attached to the vertical bars with brackets and the rods attach to the shelves.  The instructions were easy to follow and everything you need is included in the kit.  Well, except for the long screws to attach the system to the studs.

Here’s the result…


We did this project in late summer, so his short sleeves and swim trunks are easily accessible.  Currently, we have the jeans down on the lowest shelf and the trunks are up high for next summer.  I love that we still have space up above, succeeding in my room to grow idea. 


And yes, I did put the doors back on.  It was just easier to photograph with them removed. 

So far, we all love this system.  Lanham can find his stuff easily and put it away on laundry day.  I’m pretty sure I’ll get a similar set up for B’s room in the future. 

And one last before and after shot…

closet beforeafter

Call me crazy, but the “After” shot just makes me giddy.  No comments D-man.  Without my organizational habits, I’m certain that our world might blow up in one little POOF.  Be happy I’m saving you from such dangers. 

Next up…the Tween Room Reveal!Pin It

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