Tuesday, November 27, 2012

L’s Room :: The Final Reveal

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Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Where did the time go?  We’re now in full Christmas mode and putting the finishing touches are our Christmas décor.  So, I thought I better finally get around to posting pictures on Lanham’s bedroom updates.

The bed is the same as it was before.  The comforter was still in good shape and I love the pop of color on the new grey colored walls.


Above the bed is some new homemade wall art.  I simply took one of our well loved baseballs out to the back yard for a photo shoot.  A little vintage editing and then I sent it off to Walgreens for a poster sized print.  I found the frame at Michaels on clearance for only 6 bucks!!  Awesome for a wooden poster sized frame.


Moving to the next wall, you can see I made my first attempt at painting stripes…


And I LOVE it!  I didn’t want to do the whole room because I thought I if we get tired of the red we can easier paint over one wall.  Plus it saved me oddles of time!  I think it looks great with my homemade Sox wall art.


Lanham loves it too!


Looking across the room, we have Lanham’s closet which I revealed before


closet beforeafter

This makes me want to redo all of the closets in the house!  Don’t panic D-man.  I’ll be patient.

Next to the closet, I installed a new shelf to store all of Lanham’s awards and baseballs…


The shelf is from Ikea (Ekby series) and was super easy to install. 


I hung one of the photo transfer pieces above a rack that we used to hang ball caps.


Boys collect SO may hats!

And one last “wall art” creation…


Well, I really didn’t create it as much as buy it.  Lanham already had a few Chicago team pennants.  I ordered the rest of the Chicago teams (minus one rival I that shall not be named here) and hung them across the room like a banner.  Love the colors and its just a fun look for a boys room.  I used 3M Command picture hangers to attach them to the wall. 

On final look…


BTW…it is SO hard to take pictures of a room that is either streaming with light or super dark depending on the time of day. 

We’re all pretty happy about this small budget bedroom update for our big boy/little man.  Hope you enjoyed the tour!  And now it’s on to B’s bedroom update. 

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  1. Oh my, your room is just beautiful! I love the baseball poster. I think you could sell those :) What a great makeover.


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