Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fall Family Photo Shoots

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With my return the stay-at-home world, came the return to photography.   Getting back into photo shoot mode was harder than I expected. Mostly just nerves and my perfectionist nature.  I decided to only book a few families to ease into it.

I’ve been dying to share these pics on my blog, but I wanted to wait knowing that the families might use these pictures for Christmas cards.  Then some of my readers know these families and might receive those cards, etc.  You get it right?  Anyway, on to the pics! 

First up, is the “D” Family…




You might not recognize this little man…


But he’s the adorable little baby that was in the WOWN Holiday shoot last year.


All grown up and just turned the Big 1! 

Glasses. Wow, that’s a new challenge, but I’m so thankful that the “D” family mama and I are friends.


She was patient with me getting just the right angle to get the least amount of glare.  I think we were both really happy with how it all turned out. 

Next up, the “B” Family…


Now, this family was also in our WOWN holiday shoot last year.  The mom and I are ‘hood friends and her family is a ton of fun.


And her husband was a great photog assistant as well…who knew?


The kids handled the less than ideal weather situation really well. We had a very odd fall this year in Illinois.  One that didn’t make for great outdoor photography weather. 

Bea Proofs

Aren’t they sweet?

Of course, the parents are pretty cute too…


So there you have it…my photography hobby is back on.  I really loved getting the chance to use my camera in a family portrait format again.  The other great thing?  I finally forced myself to bust out my Photoshop CS5 software.  And you know what?  I LOVE IT!  I always read that its so much more powerful than Elements, but seriously?  Its amazing! 

A big thanks to both of these fabulous families for letting me create some beautiful memories with you and helping me get back into a hobby/small business that I love so much.  Mwah!

Oh and one last thing…neighbor Katie and I put together the WOWN Holiday photo shoot again this year!!!  Looking forward to sharing those with you really soon!

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  1. Oh my! Those sweet baby smiles are so valuable. Your readers will surely be mesmerised with the photos.


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