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Sabby’s Household Tips & Tricks :: Laundry

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I’ve never claimed to be an expert at this homemaking gig.  Nope.  I’m a constant student in this “field” and learn new things all the time.  From keeping a clean and organized home to meal planning and couponing, I’ve come a long way since the beginning of my stay at home mom journey.    Blogging and blog reading have been enormously helpful along with the Pinterest era.  So, I’ve decided that it might be helpful to share some of my favorite household tips and tricks with you guys.

First up in this new series:


Laundry.  It happens.  And with a family of four that includes two boys who are in sports and two parents that frequent the gym, it happens A LOT!  Over the years I’ve come up with some strategies that work for our family and today I’d like to share them with you.  Why?  Well, that’s how we all learn great new ideas.  Plus, after talking with some of my neighborhood girlfriends, I realize that we all tackle laundry SO differently.  Again, this is just what works for us.

So what’s the key to my plan of attack on laundry???

Laundry Day!

Yes, I actually have just one day during the week that I do all of our laundry for the most part.  Shocking?  It is for a lot of my girlfriends and for families larger than ours, maybe this just wouldn’t work at all.  However, let me explain why this works before totally writing off this idea.

First of all, I HATE having clothes scattered in all different stages of laundry.  Some in the dryer, some in the washer, some ready to be put away etc.  By dedicating one day to be laundry day I don’t ever have that problem anymore.  It all gets done and put away in one day.  Sounds daunting?  Believe me, its not!  In fact, it keeps us way more organized and tidy.

How does this happen?  First, I gather all of the laundry, including bed sheets and bathroom towels, and quickly get a load started.  While that first load is already washing, I finish sorting my loads out into piles on the laundry room floor or in my empty baskets. 


Then, I just continue to tackle it all throughout the day.  Usually I pick a day at the beginning of the week, lately its been Mondays.  Since I know I’ll be home most of the day, I plan a nice dinner and usually get some big cleaning chores out of the way too.  By dinner time, I have all of my laundry done for the week, sorted into baskets for each bedroom. 


Yes, I’m sure you haven’t seen a forest green laundry basket since the 90’s, but the thing is unbreakable and still works.  It was a high school graduation gift!  Honest.  Class of 1995!

Moving on…The kids get home from school and take their laundry up to their rooms to put it all away.


They bring the empty baskets back downstairs and we’re done!  Now, I admit we have our off weeks.  Sometimes D and I are busy and I our basket of clean clothes might sit in our room for a few days untouched.  Sometimes, we just HAVE to have a special pair of perfectly fitting jeans that make our rears looks pounds lighter cleaned on a Friday.  No biggie!  Because for the most part, Laundry Day works great for us and maybe it can work for you too!

Helpful hints:

  • You must have separate hampers in each room = 3 hampers.  I bought these easy to carry mesh ones from Walmart for the boys’ and a rattan one for us.  All of them have handles.  They keep the dirty clothes off the floor and in an easy to see and easy to use hamper.  No excuses!
  • You need separate baskets for folding for each room to make putting clothes away a snap.
  • While folding, I stack clothes according to how they will be put away, ie. stacks of underwear, paired socks, stacks of jeans.  This makes it really easy for my youngest in particular.  He just takes his stack of whatever and puts it away.  If he had it all mixed together he might just freak.  He’s SO my child. 
  • Loads – yes I separate my stuff.  Shoot me.  Jeans don’t need to wrestle with my pretty undies, m’kay? 
  • Buying detergent you love in bulk.  I’ve tried several different types of detergents and have had some major disappointments.  Some clothes literally coming out of the wash cycle still smelling of sweat. YUCK!  So, when I see a good sale and have coupons, I stock up as much as I can.  This saves money and we always have detergent handy.
  • Skipping softener…sometimes.  I’ve been kind of weaning myself off of softener lately.  I seem to use it when I wash our living room blankets just to freshen them up a bit.  However, I really don’t ever use it on clothes anymore.  Money saver!
  • Get the kids involved!  I’ve slowly been getting my kids involved in the laundry process, but a lot of it happens while they’re at school.  If they are around, I set them to tasks like sock sorting.


He looks a little too eager here I know.  It’s not always the case for sure, but they can and do help. 

So, what about you guys?  How do the tackle the dreaded mounds of laundry?  I’d LOVE to hear from you all and get even more ideas in my routine.  Please feel free to share in the comments!

Also, if you like my laundry room be sure to check out my laundry room redo!

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  1. Hi, just found your link, looks very interesting....will try to check everything out :-) I hv one question about the laundry you iron the clean clothes? Doesn't seem to look you do....Thank you before for your response...


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