Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Doin’ The Science, a Famous Mouse, ROAR! & Laundry Gremlins

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So, I put up a post about granola and a tidbit about changes to come and then disappear for two months.  I mean it was good granola, but still.  For shame.

Well, I’m here to finally update you on what’s going on with us and everything that’s happened over the last few months.  First of all, the biggest change is that I’m going back to work again. 


I know, I know.  Didn’t I write a similar post a year or so ago?  Yes.  Yes I did.  However, this time it’s a much better deal and I’m crossing my fingers that it all works out.  The best thing is that this job is WAY closer to home so the commute is totally manageable. I’ve already started there part time while our new lab (remember I’m a mad scientist by trade) is being finished up.  It’s shiny and new and I’m really excited about this new adventure.  Doin’ the science…it’s what I love.

Well, then while things are changing why not add a little fun to the mix?? 


SURPRISE kiddos…we’re going to Disney World!!!


(Me and B on the one and only Dumbo…there’s actually two now)

And when I say surprise, I mean we woke them up at 3am and said, “SURPRISE!”  We were at the Magic Kingdom by lunch that day.  It was so fun and the kids are at such a great age to enjoy all things Mickey.  The last time we went, Braden was not quite a year old and Lanham was 4.  This time they were almost 6 and 10.  Tons of fun, exhausting, but totally memorable and we all loved it.  I might do a Disney post soon with more pics.

One other BIG exciting thing I’ve been working on lately is shooting for the Listen To Your Mother – Chicago show


(The cast showing some claws during our group photo shoot. ROAR!)

Some very cool local bloggy friends (Tracey & Melisa) just happen to be the producers of this fab show.  They graciously asked me to shoot both the rehearsals and the show and it’s just been so much fun! 

If you don’t know about LTYM, then you have to check out their site and see your local show if possible.  You won’t regret it.  All things motherhood from so many perspectives.  Laughs and tears.  Wonderful.  Just wonderful.  And I get to capture it all.  A very fun challenge.  These ladies are awesome!

In that same line, I also purchased a new camera and lens recently.  Adding to my camera bag.  Fun stuff.  More on that some other day too, but loving the new body.  Perverted camera talk. 

So, let’s see…new job.  House of Mouse.  LTYM shoot.

Oh, yes…spiders.  AKA Laundry Gremlins.

I detest spiders.  There’s not much more to say, I just dislike them VERY much.  I know that they are a n’th of my size.  I know they are good for the environment.  I know I know I know.

I. Don’t. Care.  They creep me out and I know I’m not alone in this.  ahem.  Point?

Derek had to travel last week.  With the new job starting, I was still catching up from our recent trip.  While I’m sorting laundry I happen upon this sucker…


Excuse the phone pic.  I just had to have proof of this critter since Derek seems to think I make up the spiders that I find in our house.  Like a fish story…only with spiders.  It was THIS big I swear.  At the top of the photo you can see how big it is compared my my laundry basket.  EW!

Our text convo went something like this…

Me:  Now do you believe me?  I can’t go back into the laundry room anymore.

Derek:  Puhleaze.  I will spray tomorrow if I get home too late tonight.

Me.  Please my ***!  This thing is HUGE and has totally ruined laundry day.  I found it and sprayed it. 

Derek:  Did it come after you??  Are you ok??  <sarcasm>

Me:  I’m shaking.  So is B.  I’m calling the Orkin man.

Derek:  I will spray the whole house TODAY!

Me:  Not doing laundry. 

Derek:  ONE spider and you already killed it!

Me:  I’m not certain its dead, but it crawled into the laundry piles so I can’t touch the clothes. 

A few moments later, I sent him this…


I added the quarter for dramatic effect.

Me:  Dead but I’m still not doing laundry.

Silence on his end. 

Oh…Laundry gremlins?  Welll, there was this crazy flooding in our area. Like two days off of school flooding. Rain days.  Not snow days.  Weird.  Basically our district was so flooded that buses weren’t able to get around so they shut us down for a few days. Several neighbors got water in their basements. One particular friend is now claiming that creepy basement zombies have taken over her basement.  To make her feel better, I texted her the above spider pics.  She’s certain they are relatives of the basement zombies.  Laundry gremlins.  They torture me and ruin my day.  Definitely gremlin like behavior. 

With that, I hope to keep in better touch with you all through life’s constant changes.  When I’m not Doin’ the Science, jet setting (hahahaha), playing photog or battling gremlins.

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