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Hi, I'm Sabrina or Sabby, Brini, mom, mommy, mama, whichever you prefer, I respond to it all! So glad to have you visit my little corner of insanity! I'm a busy working mom to two wild little boys, livin' the American "dream" out in the burbs with my wonderfully patient husband. 

Working full time and having a baby and toddler at home was more than stressful.  I took a few years off from the working world and became a full time stay-at-home mom.  I tried to keep my brain busy with DIY projects around our house, cooking the old fashioned way, learning about photography and enjoying motherhood.

After being home with my rugrats for three years, I've recently returned to the science world and I'm back to work full time.  We're learning to juggle it all day by day. 

I LOVE your feedback and meeting new friends, so comment away!

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